Cranberry Cashew Energy Bar 10 Bars - 3 Ingredients

$ 17.50

This sweet and tart bar is sure to keep your day on track. The perfect fusion of dates, creamy cashews, and unsweetened, tart cranberries will enhance any 5 minute break.

Traditional dried, sweetened cranberries have 433% more sugar than unsweetened cranberries (26 grams vs. 6 grams).  Another way to put that: up to 50% of the entire weight of a sweetened cranberry is added sugar which is taking away from your healthy diet plans. At RBar, we've come up with a blend of all natural ingredients that burst with flavor. Cranberry Cashew is not just tasty; it’s gluten free, vegan, non-GMO & paleo approved and WHOLE30 Compliant.

3 Ingredients:  Dates, cashews, & unsweetened cranberries. 

Size: 45g / 1.6 oz

Calories: 180 

Nutrition Facts: